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Design for Climate-resilient Hudson River Communities

Apr 24, 2020

Joshua Cerra, Cornell University

Norrie Point Design Studio

Apr 24, 2020

Rhonda Gilmore, Cornell University

Eliminating the "Barrier" to Estuary Education: Connecting Students to their Estuary by Studying the Effect of Stream Barriers and Water Quality on American Eel Populations

Apr 24, 2020

Kerryanne Donohue, Manhattan College

Hudson Estuary Watershed Resiliency Project

Apr 24, 2020

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Dutchess, Ulster, Rockland, Rensselaer, and Columbia-Greene counties

Underwater Soundscapes as Sentinels of Ecosystem Health and as Tools for Biodiversity Education in the Hudson River Estuary

Apr 24, 2020

Alex Flecker & Aaron Rice, Cornell University

Wild Oyster Broodstock in the Hudson River - Building a Baseline Understanding of Connectivity and Restoration Potential by Measuring and Mapping Annual Recruitment

Apr 24, 2020

Matthew Hare, Cornell University

Sources and Speciation of Elevated Manganese in a Surface Water Supply Reservoir

Apr 24, 2020

Matthew Reid, Cornell University

The Trophic State is Dynamic: Seasonal Patterns of Nutrient Controls on Phytoplankton in Lakes across New York State

Apr 24, 2020

David Richardson, SUNY New Paltz

Understanding Flood Risk Perception, Response, and Flood Insurance Practices in Troy & Kingston

Apr 24, 2020

John Zinda, Cornell University

Mid-Hudson Young Environmental Scientist Project in Urban Stream Ecology (MH- YES) Year 3

Apr 24, 2020

Alan Berkowitz, Cary Institute

Hudson Tributary Dam Removal

Apr 24, 2020

Pat Sullivan, Cornell University