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Comparing flooding and sea-level rise mappers

Flooding and sea-level rise associated with climate change are significant concerns for the communities of the Hudson River estuary. Mapping tools utilizing the latest sea-level rise projections can help you and your community prepare for these threats by visualizing the extent of their impact under various scenarios. Consider the following tools, compared below, to gain a better understanding of these issues in our region.


Scenic Hudson Sea Level Rise mapper

Columbia University Hudson River Flood mapper

Dewberry Coastal NY Future Floodplain mapper

NOAA Sea Level Rise viewer
Geographic scope Troy to Westchester Troy to Westchester Troy to Westchester and coastal Long Island Coastal US including the Hudson River
Displays today’s 1% ("100-year") flood
Projects future 1% flood with sea-level rise
Displays a variety of storm scenarios
Distinguishes between flooding due to sea level rise vs. storms
Displays water depth
Displays a variety of features (infrastructure, facilities, wetlands)
Displays social vulnerability

For more information on communities using the flooding and sea-level rise mappers, see: Online Application Provides Tools and Data for Communities at Risk Along the Hudson River.