Riparian Buffers (Streamside) and Floodplains

What are we doing?

We coordinate a program called Trees for Tribs (Tribs as in tributaries) that provides free trees and shrubs for planting next to tributary streams. Program staff members help applicants select plants and design a planting plan, and provide other technical assistance during and after planting events.

The program harnesses the energy of local volunteers to plant and provide long-term maintenance. Local watershed groups and other partners help identify planting sites and recruit volunteers.  Anyone with streamside property can apply, but the program gives highestpriority to public and highly visible sites.

Since its start in 2007 the program has planted over 39,000 native trees and shrubs along 17 miles of stream with the help of 6,500 volunteers.


Who are our partners and audience?


Research on these topics (link to research page on water infrastructure and resilience)

A 2013 publication, Beyond the trees: Community as a riparian restoration outcome and resource []