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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Mohawk River Watershed Grants

Essential to the successful implementation of the goals of the Mohawk River Basin Action Agenda is engagement of local partners and providing the tools necessary to encourage preservation and protection of the Mohawk River watershed through local projects. In 2012, DEC’s Mohawk River Basin Program awarded approximately $50,000 for the first grant program that specifically targeted the Mohawk River watershed. This inaugural round of funding offered grants up to $10,000 and were available to municipalities and not-for-profit corporations, with the stipulation that all projects be located within the boundaries of the Mohawk River watershed, facilitated implementation of the five goals and associated objectives of the Mohawk’s Action Agenda, and could be completed within one year of grant contract award. In all, six proposed projects were awarded grant funds.

The most recent Mohawk River Basin Program round of grants, was just announced in October of 2015. Building on the success of the previous grant program, this latest round offers $150,000 in grant funding to municipalities and not-for-profit corporations for projects which specifically target conserving, protecting and restoring fish, wildlife and their habitats, protecting and improving water quality, and promoting flood hazard mitigation and enhanced flood resiliency within the boundaries of the Mohawk River watershed. For this round, the minimum grant award will be $15,000 and the maximum $50,000, and projects awarded funds will have two years for project implementation and completion.