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Barrier Removal & Mitigation

The objective of this program is to restore aquatic connectivity by supporting the removal of obsolete dams and replacement of undersized or improperly installed culverts at priority locations. This will improve water quality, reduce flood hazards and facilitate aquatic organism passage to foster healthy populations of recreational, commercial, migratory and resident fish species.

Check out WRI's barrier removal and mitigation work in partnership with HREP staff

Research Goals

  1. Maintain and apply a road-stream crossing modeling tool that identifies undersized culverts in counties or watersheds of interest for Hudson River Estuary Program staff and county Extension offices throughout New Yok State.
  2. Conduct analyses on the road-stream crossing modeling tool to inform improvements.
  3. Provide analyses to predict the impact of dam removals on tributaries to the Hudson River.

Select Projects & Publications

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Ghost Dams: A New Inventory of Potential Barriers to Aquatic Connectivity

Mar 25, 2019

Brian Buchanan, NYS Water Resources Institute. Contact NYSWRI for more information.

The Light at the End of the Culvert

May 1, 2018

M. Lung, A. Meyer, R. Marjerison & B.G. Rahm (2017) Talk of the Towns, Association of Towns of the State of New York. Vol. 31, May/June.