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The Water-Energy Nexus

NY state’s energy production portfolio is relatively diverse, with significant proportions of hydroelectric, nuclear, natural gas, solar, and wind. Production of energy from each of these resources involves trade-offs, including impacts to water resources.

Program Objectives

  • Identify significant and/or emerging water resource risks/impacts associated with NY’s energy production portfolio
  • Conduct research and outreach on risks and trade-offs identified at the water-energy nexus
  • Communicate results to resource managers, government entities, and the public in order to educate NY stakeholders about the consequences of our energy choices

Research Questions

  1. What are the hydrologic impacts of intermediate-scale solar installations, if any?

Outreach Goals

  • Develop peer-reviewed publications that may serve as discussion starters with other academics
  • Create summaries of research findings and engage with local/regional stakeholders involved with solar development, including Cornell University and their contractors